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OpenNyAI Maker Residency, Kochi: Innovation Showcase Day

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Register below to attend the Innovation Showcase day on Sunday, July 30, 2023. You can arrive at TinkerSpace at 10AM. Please pre-register before coming.

What is the OpenNyAI Maker Residency?

The OpenNyAI Maker Residency, a transformative and immersive five-day maker space, is set to take place at and in partnership with TinkerSpace, Kochi, with a singular goal: addressing critical challenges in the realm of law and justice through groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, innovation and collaboration. 

Innovation Showcase

The Makerspace will be open to the public on July 30, 2023, where participants will have a unique opportunity to present their groundbreaking ideas and projects to the wider community. Join them to explore the engaging sessions hosted by subject matter experts in the legal-tech field. Sessions have been curated to build imagination and open pathways to enable students to leverage the AI movement.

Discussions range from Effectiveness of AI models, Ethics in AI to Limitations and Challenges in Building Public Systems. This unique initiative brings together entrepreneurs and innovators from diverse backgrounds, such as law, technology, design and social entrepreneurship, across India, UK and the Netherlands to develop visionary solutions to pressing issues in the field collaboratively.

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